Spring Seeds

Today, I’m closing my eyes and purposefully turning my thoughts away from the frozen, slushy mess outside my window to what I know will eventually come….spring.  Tomorrow is March 1st.  Spring is less than 3 weeks away.  Even though I know that I still have several weeks of wintry mix ahead, and a good chance that it will still be “winter” even when it’s technically spring (that’s what happens when you live in Minnesota), I still want to celebrate!

In honor of spring’s almost arrival, I pulled out my box of soon-to-be-planted seeds.  These are just a few of what I plan to plant.

I’m not a veteran when it comes to planting seeds.  In fact, last season was my first successful seed planting year (posted here).  I transplanted some of my little plants into my traditional backyard garden, but many I put into containers.  I also added a few different annuals from my local garden center.   It was awesome! My guide for the season was McGee and Stuckey’s, The Bountiful ContainerI owe them a world of thanks.

I’ve always loved container gardening, but had a hard time getting past the traditional impatiens, petunias and begonias. Last year I grew Hungarian Peppers, Jack-Be-Little pumpkins, Bunny Tails, and a host of other new varieties.  I’m hooked.

Soooooo, what is planned for this year’s growing season?  Here’s a sneak peak from my “working” journal.  You’ll notice I’ve already changed my mind a few times.  (Few things are really carved in stone when it comes to gardening.)

I’m most excited about the International Garden (top left).  Two HUGE pots filled with veggie delights like French Breakfast Radish, Parisian Carrots, Lemon Cucumbers, hot and sweet peppers.   I’m sure there will be many wonderful dishes made from those two containers!  I’m excited to try my hand again at lettuce.  Last year I planted too late in the season, and it was a non-producer.  I hope my prior planning gives me the needed jump on the season, and I’ll actually be eating salads made from my produce.

I learned quite a few seed-planting lessons last season.  I’ll post about those later this week.

Until then….Happy Spring Dreams.


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