Chicago-style Spicy Italian Beef

Despite the wickedly wet and slushy weather predictions (which ended up being correct), I made a road trip to Chicago this weekend.  It’s hard for me to pass up a weekend of food, family and fun.  Now that I’m here (it only took 9 hours when it usually takes 7!) I wanted to share one of my local eating passions with you:  Portillo’s Chicago-style Italian Beef sandwiches.

This is the sandwich and onion rings that now sits before me.  If you squint, you can probably see the spicy peppers as well as savory au jous that makes this sandwich special.  All I can think is, “How fast can I type this post so I can get to eating?”  Portillo’s has been serving the Chicagoland area since 1963 and serving me since 1986!  While they were first known for their Chicago style hot-dogs, they are now the go-to place of many Chicago natives for spectacular Italian beef sandwiches.

If you ever come to Chicago, put this on your bucket list.  They have locations all around the city.  You can find one of them by going here.

Now, I really must get to my eating…..enjoy your day!


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