Planting Pansies

©2012 Beth Billstrom

I finally had a few minutes to plant the pansies that I’ve been dreaming about.  I found the above watering can at a local store for just a few dollars.  In just a few minutes I transformed it from a cheap watering can into a plant container by adding a few drainage holes in the bottom using a small drill bit.  I then filled it with seed starting mix, dampened the mixture, dropped in the seeds, and covered them with a light layer of soil.  It’s now sitting on my counter, top covered with plastic wrap, away from drafts, while the seeds germinate.  At the first sign of green I’ll place the container under my growing lights for a few weeks.  Easy!  As long as I remember to water it (which I will), I should have pansies.  I love it when it’s simple!

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