This Gardener Takes a Leap

© 2012 Beth Billstrom

Impatient?  Yep, me too.  So, while were waiting for Spring to truly spring, I want to share with you about a leap of faith I made…

It’s a leap I’ve been considering for years, but didn’t do because not only can I be impatient…at times I can be a big ‘fraidy cat.  (Embarrassing, but true.)  But in January I gathered my courage and had the good fortune to complete the basic training as a University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener.  Phenomenal.  It has been one great experience after another.

I admit that while the title is a mouthful, and the Master Gardener portion seems incredibly intimidating, the truth is, this is one fun group of people who love to learn about gardening.  They are also are very, very generous in sharing what they know with others!

Master Gardeners also work on some pretty incredible programs.  Some of the projects that I’ll be involved with this year are Planting A Row for the Hungry, coordinating a local garden tour, teaching kids how to raise and cook veggies, and answering gardening questions at farmer’s markets and fairs.  I’ll also be participating in a seed trial program….as well as other ventures.

In addition to great people and volunteer opportunities, I’m having a terrific time exploring the gardening knowledge resources made available to me (and you!) through the University of Minnesota’s Extension website.  I’ll be sharing more about that in weeks to come, but just in case your impatient, feel free to check it out yourself by clicking here!

Stay tuned as I share more.  It’s going to be a great growing season!


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