The Morning After…

©2012 Beth Billstrom

While the outcome of this election is not what I’d hoped for, the issues brought out during the campaign continue to deepen my awareness of the struggles we ALL are facing.  I am thankful to live in a country in which issues are brought forward by many people bold enough to speak and act their consciences.  As we go forward, may we all be in thoughtful prayer, seeking out those ways in which to speak and act that will best bring healing, restoration and strength.  Let’s put aside our provoking, bickering and malice, realizing that those methods only bring divisiveness and harm. Let us be strong and courageous, yet considerate in our tones, methods, and conduct towards each other.  Let us lean more towards discussing with outcomes leading to proactive solutions, rather than debating and defending which have led only to gridlock.  May we know when to open our mouths, but more importantly, may we know when to remain quiet and silently pray.

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